Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Ropa inte hej ..."

"Ropa inte hej förenns du är över ån", it's a Swedish saying. It more or less means that you shouldn't count the points until the ball is in the goal. That's what I did yesterday when I said that all logos was uploaded. I missed a few, and I am really really sorry. Let's blame someone, I am blaming the cola for not containing not enough caffeine to make me more alert.

Hope you understand.

Submission by Apostolos B

Logo 02v7 by Yohm

Musix Crystal by Pixeloz

Sound Tag Crystal by pixeloz

Logo 07 by Dan Ichim

Logo 06 by Dan Ichim

Logo 05 by Dan Ichim

Logo 04 by Dan Ichim

Logo 03 by Dan Ichim

Logo 02 by Dan Ichimi