Saturday, March 17, 2007

Equalizer v2 by Richard Querin

Ringspeaker by Richard Querin

Richard Querin has another one, this complete with a banner

Multiple play button by Chris

This is another one by Chris... Thanks!

it also comes with some effects:

Soft Brass by Timo Mikkolainen

Here's a redux of Brass by Timo Mikkolainen

[Update, 18th March 2007: Timo sent us an updated version: "A small update, added some soft outlines to make the logo more visible on bright backgrounds."]

[Update, 19th March 2007: Timo just keeps polishing this one! "Added a bunch of blur filters, tweaked the gradients a bit."]

Vibrant by Richard Querin

Richard Querin, the guy who brought us Equalizer is at it again! This time, it's a bit more of a soundwave theme, titled 'Vibrant'.

Pinball by Dustin Mills

And on to today's submissions! Here's 'Pinball' by Dustin Mills...

Tape by Michael Gil de Muro

Here's a submission that Tobias somehow missed while posting yesterday's batch.