Friday, March 16, 2007

KUNG-FUCIUS by Mikael Bourqui

Seems a bit Viking inspired


Timo Mikkolainen said...

I really like this one, it's different (in a good way) and easily recognizable. The only problem I see is that it doesn't really give an impression of a music player. But then again all music related imagery is way overused in icons.

eleusis said...

very organic/tribal-ish

theefer said...

Interesting in that it provides a very distinct and strong style, but I wonder whether the style fits XMMS2: the lines are voluntarily not very smooth and it looks a bit sketchy (remember, XMMS2 is *serious* ! :-)), the viking/tribal/? feeling does not really bring music or XMMS2 to mind. The monocolor is also a strong choice, but maybe too strong. So I like the concept, but the implementation could have more XMMS2 power and more assured curves (it does not have to contain "XMMS2").

Timo said...

I think the style is derived from 'signatures'(?) that you see on chinese paintings and calligraphy. I'm not sure, but I think they are/were actually created with stamps, so that would explain the sketchy look.

mikael said...

Timo is right about the inspiration, actually: see Seal Script. In its normal context, it looks pretty damn "serious"! :-)

I added the degradation as a nod to its use on seals/chops/stamps, but I'm not sure I like it so much.

However, I'm pretty happy that judging from the comments, the "XMMS2" hiding in the logo isn't obvious enough to spoil the general impression.

I'll make a cleaner, better version if demand exists. There are several less eccentric submissions I'm working on right now, so I'll be letting you tell me whether I should improve this one and future proposals.