Friday, March 16, 2007

Rewind by Ryan Hoshor

We are rewinding this logo!


bslote said...

This would be really cool with a different font.

Ryan Hoshor said...

Hi! What kind of a font would you like to see there? Would you like to see it bolder? Sans serif? Solid rather than split? Italicized?
Thanks for the feedback!

I was wondering if any of you liked the equalizers the same color as the text or wanted them as a green to yellow to red gradient; the standard appearance on most equalizers.


Rodrigo Cibils said...

Nice one!
I agree with the buddy of previous post. I think that if you remove the shadows it would be better.

bslote said...

Not really sure what kind of font, honestly. Maybe something a little "smoother" and less sinister looking. The text now seems to sort of clash with the smoothness of the waves and triangles, especially on the smaller icons.

theefer said...

The font and eq bars don't scale down very well, could be cleaner. What bothers me most is the direction of the arrows; backward is not a very positive symbol for a project. On the positive side, the shape is easy to recognize, but it also lacks some originality. The colors could be more exciting, too.

RichardQuerin said...

I agree about the arrow direction. Also, while the blurred shadows under them are nice, maybe they should be darker or lighter to give a bit more definition to the arrow edges. They seem to blend away soon after downsizing. Nice job here.

Ryan Hoshor said...

Thanks for all the hints, helps, and criticism... I'm going to re-release this as FastForward. It will feature forward-facing arrows, a different typeface for the title (subject to change if requested,) darker shadows, and colored EQ bars in the background.

Also, for this next round, is there a preference between 'II' or '2' in the title?