Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vibrant by Richard Querin

Richard Querin, the guy who brought us Equalizer is at it again! This time, it's a bit more of a soundwave theme, titled 'Vibrant'.


theefer said...

The black/color contrast is nice, as are the clean curves, but I don't like the text too much (looks a bit cheap), and there are too many colors. So I like the curves in this one, but it also lacks some qualities (I can't exactly tell why.. the "seriousness" maybe..) of other of your designs.

puzzles said...

Expanding on what theefer said, I think I can pinpoint what's lacking here. The waves lack the funky effects of some of your other designs, like the rings that cut into one another, and you can see the blue one doesn't quite follow the path of the other waves. And the text sheen looks like someone stretched a latex glove over the word 'XMMS2.'
But, that said, I think what you're doing is a good thing. You seem to be going (at least initially) for quantity over quality. Since this contest is shooting for an iterative process where the author posts, gets input, and improves, quantity is a good thing. You can throw a dozen submissions out there, see which ones stick, and refine them later, with help from comments.
Keep it up, and for what it's worth, I think the rings submission is better than this one.