Saturday, March 17, 2007

Soft Brass by Timo Mikkolainen

Here's a redux of Brass by Timo Mikkolainen

[Update, 18th March 2007: Timo sent us an updated version: "A small update, added some soft outlines to make the logo more visible on bright backgrounds."]

[Update, 19th March 2007: Timo just keeps polishing this one! "Added a bunch of blur filters, tweaked the gradients a bit."]


puzzles said...

This is much better than your original. It's really a clever combination of the X and 2 that seems so obvious yet I never would have thought it up. It's prominent and memorable, the only suggestion I have is to make better use of the empty space on the larger rendering.

theefer said...

I agree with puzzles, but what bothers me is that it's not exactly an X and.. what is it? :) The fact that she shape does not recall something clear weakens the otherwise interesting concept. The extremities are also a bit too light in my opinion.

eleusis said...

Very nice abstract combination..

Timo said...

The outline should help a bit with the light extremities; I'd rather not darken them, it'd make the gradients too flat. The shape might be a bit far away from an X, but then again a plain X would be boring :)
Puzzles: any ideas on how to fill the empty space?

Anders Gustafsson said...

I like that it is a symbol that easily can be drawn by hand on a paper.

The really nice thing with a shape as logo is that colors and things can be changed when fashion changes, but keeping the shape.

puzzles said...

I'm not very creative so forgive me if these ideas are a bit lame. But I thought up a couple ideas for more efficient use of space. One is to just put some simple words or a tagline in the empty spaces. Maybe just "XMMS2 Music Player" split around the top and sides. Another idea, and I think I like this one a little better, is to echo the shape of the brass in little waves coming off of the sides.
Here is some lame ASCII:
Of course you could make it a lot softer or thinner as they radiate outwards. ASCII isn't too good for that. ;)

Timo said...

The problem with waves on the sides is that the logo is already rather wide. But I'll play around and see how it works.