Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First entry: Unnamed by Chris

We have received our first entry in the logo competition by Chris. Below is a PNG render of the logo. Thanks Chris!


puzzles said...

First submission! \o/
It looks great, simple this-is-who-we-are-this-is-what-we-do message, and it scales well from 16x16 to the big web logo sizes. I have to say I wasn't expecting something so nice so early on.

Tobias Rundström said...

I think it's OK. It's not something very very cool, but it's simple and the message is clear. I am not sure it will work on any background without the border. Maybe the border could be round like one of rings or something?

theefer said...

Interesting design, but there are a couple of points that I don't like:
- The white "wave" on the upper part blurs the logo a bit, it loses some clarity because of that.
- It doesn't display very well/clearly in 16x16, because it has many details and few recognizable colors/shapes (Firefox is a good example of a recognizable icon).
- I'm not sure we need "XMMS2" explicitely spelled out (in addition to "X2") on the logo.. do we?

So I think it's a good try, I especially like that it's not too complicated (though it could still be simpler) and it has not only a shape, but some distinct color (though red+black+white is a bit dull and sad here).

Thanks Chris, and I'm looking forward to the next entries!

Tobias Rundström said...

I agree on the wave, that is actually one thing that kind of bugs me and I also agree on XMMS2 vs. X2 note that theefer said.

Otherwise, it's a good concept, keep em comming!

Anders Gustafsson said...


The spiral in the background makes the "XMMS2" text look sligthly bended. Also it is seems damn hard to get good kerning for the word "XMMS2".