Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Happy days" by Bariki Yacine

Today is a busy day for artists, another logo hot from the email. Good work everyone, keep em coming!

(The big logo is a bit pale, it seems to be caused by some resizing / post processing done at blogger, click on the logo to get it in fullsize and with correct colors)


Tobias Rundström said...

Seems like the shadow is cut of to the right. Maybe a bit to pink for us?

VxJasonxV said...

I don't like the distance between the X and the 2. (As well as the S and the 2 in the fullly printed 'XMMS 2' logos.
It's a bit too far, and just seems kind of awkward.

alexbl said...

the wet floor effect is kind of painful, a bit too ``web 2.0'' for my tastes, and I'm not really too keen on the pink either.

Yacine said...

Ahem, well originally the font wasn't this one (it was the font used by the little "2" on the down right) so the letters positions were completely different.
I found the pink fun, but let's switch to something less ... pink