Friday, March 16, 2007

Sound Wave by Rodrigo Cibils

Even more today, here comes the sound wave.

Updated: the artist updated the font and asked us to replace them.


Tobias Rundström said...

It's not bad at all! Maybe it should even be better if the X2 in the middle is removed and something more is done to the wave. It doesn't have to say X2 since the XMMS2 text is in the bottom of the box!

Rodrigo Cibils said...

Sorry, i forgot change objects to path. I have sent a new e-mail with the correct logo.

Tobias Rundström said...

The new one looks very good!

eleusis said...

The 16x16 version could be improved, IMO: ditch the blue box in the background, as well as the 'xmms2' text and keep the X2 + soundwave.