Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sound Wave Revache by Rodrigo Cibils

Here comes two new takes on Sound Wave

And these three are examples of 16x16 icon.


Tobias Rundström said...

I am not sure but the color, but otherwise it just gets better for each iteration.

Rodrigo Cibils said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions about Soundwave concept. I will submit my last concept modification with a diversification of colors. After this, i will walk by other roads. ;)

puzzles said...

Mmm, it is a bit nicer with the big silver 2. One last thing you could do, though, is make the outer two soundwaves line up better. My guess is you simply scaled up the first arc. You can see that the side edges don't line up and they're traced around a different centerpoint. This probably sounds nitpicky, but I'm a sucker for symmetry.