Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tango green volume by heathenx


eleusis said...

Fairly neat concept.. I've no idea why sound waves would be coming out of what looks like a power on/off button, but for some reason, it seems memorable. :D

RichardQuerin said...

Dang you again heathenx! :)

I was planning on a volume control knob of some sort, but doubt it would have been as simple and nice as yours. I'm wondering if instead of radial sound waves you could indicate rotation.. not sure if it's possible.

Does it go to eleven?? :)

heathenx said...


"...indicate rotation."

It's coming...

PS. of course it goes to 11.

puzzles said...

I'm working my way backwards through submissions since I haven't been commenting as diligently recently. My comments on this are largely the same as on Tango Red. This one, however, seems to scale down worse with the waves taking up more space than the rotating harpoon. All-in-all great work!

I'm going to go crank my stereo to 11 now.