Thursday, March 22, 2007

VuMeter2 by Richard Querin


theefer said...

I think there are too much details on this one (dBs, shadow, "VU", etc), which don't scale well and don't really bring something when visible. Your earlier designs were more symbolic, and I think that was more appropriate. The colors are different, but frankly I'm not a big fan of "fluo" tones, with violent contrasts..

RichardQuerin said...

I agree on the details. You get to a point (usually very early) where you just *know* it won't scale well, but damn it if it isn't difficult not to finish and enter it anyway ;)

And I get your point about symbolic designs. There's already a simpler more symbolic entry in the queue from me, so we must be on the same wavelength. :)

puzzles said...

Still 3Delicious, though. I won't let your hard work go unappreciated. :)