Wednesday, March 21, 2007

X3D3 by Rivet Nicolas

A twist on the X3D theme by Rivet Nicolas again. I'm only posting the rasterised images supplied by the author here, since the SVG file seems to have the same issue with the loss of gloss effect as the original X3D SVG.


Anonymous said...

This one rocks.
a lot of the other logos are just stylish.
(nicely stylish, but still just style).
This ones got the style and function thing going on.
I like.

VxJasonxV said...

I like the look of this (and the other 3d) icon, the 3d really catches the eye. However, this one in particular looks like it says DX or perhaps IX (9?).

I think this particular icon misses the representation of XMMS2 in the 3d design.

Nils said...

You're right, i thought it too: you can see a "IX" Anyway, i liked this one... snif :) I have to find something else ! Let's work ! ;)